Tuesday, 7 July 2009


Let me speak
These words to thee
To you my sleeper
So softly

The fleeting doves
To you do fly
And on their wings
A last goodbye

The love I whisper
Soft to thee
Oh let thee rest now

Sleep my dear
For sleep you chose
Resplendent in
You last repose

Let your soul set sail
For heaven’s gate
The time has come
No more the wait

Do not hide
Your face in fear
Behold the wind
Let dry your tears

Face the day
The night is done
Lay rest the pain
Thy heart has won

And soon the
Everlasting tide
Of sorrows that
You hide inside

Shall come to pass
And we will say
How soon the night
Turned into day

For we must feel
As we did before
The lilting voice
And you once more

Shall sing the song
You sung again
Embrace the sun
No more the rain

Summer ends its balmy days
As your sun has set
Never again to rise
Never to forget

The path to heaven beckoned
And no matter how you tried
It was just too hard to resist
You had to say goodbye

You asked God to stop the world
No more could you pretend
Now get the rest you so deserve
Your journey at an end

Our father, our friend, our hero
Sleeping without breath
So vibrant in the life you led
So peaceful now in death

Even though the light went out
Never to return
The candle you lit in all our lives
Will continuously burn

And when we’re searching for the photograph
You can’t always find
Remember precious things are stored
In the closet of the mind

Those memories are something
That no-one can steal
They just leave a heartache
No-one can heal

You do not see me
You do not hear me
You can’t imagine me
You’ll never touch me

I am the messenger
I bring the message
You cannot hear it
You can’t imagine it
But you can touch it
I am the light
Which shone in the distance

I shone for you
You never saw me
I’ll follow you
If you’ll follow me
Follow the light
That no-one sees
No-one ever sees me.

I wander on pastures
So lush and so green
My spirit is lifted
My torment unseen

The land stretches far
Melts into the distance
A veil of blue mist
Offers no resistance

As I near the calm ocean
No sound can I hear
My woman is with me
She guides me from fear

But the passion inside
Instilled by the sea
Is calling me softly
And won’t let me be

The sea and the ocean
The rivers, the streams
Won’t let me escape
From the witch of my dreams

When the night is upon me
To her I am drawn
But how quickly she fades
When the day starts to dawn

Now the darkness has passed
Yet I feel her once more
A storm starts to brew
As the waves crash ashore

She appears from the depths
My name she is calling
The waves start to beckon
I feel myself falling

Blinded by spray
Chocked by her treason
The witch who has tricked me
Won’t listen to reason

I call for my woman
But no-one can hear me
My voice carries silent
Yet reaches her clearly

My woman of trust
Holds me safe in her arms
Guides me from temptation
Away from her charms

Here I shall stay
Til the feeling has gone
No longer the ocean
No longer the song

If your halo should
Fall down and choke you,
Would fault be mine?
As I’d surely provoked you.

The blood of a martyr,
The sweat of a saint,
The words of your God,
Reassuring, but faint.

If your life as you know it
Was shattered,
Your perfect existence
Would hardly have mattered.

The glory in the making,
Reality turned sour,
The justice in the fight,
The hero of the hour.

When the veil from
Your eyes has been torn,
And your face no longer
Shows anger or scorn.

Time has passed,
And you’re on your own,
All who’ve loved you
Have been and gone.

If you wake in the
Night feeling scared,
And you can’t tell a soul,
Because no-body cares.

The power of doubt,
The weakness of the mind,
The unanswerable question,
That torments all mankind

Never a man,
Till he swallows his pride,
And faces his demons,
That are hiding inside.

And when you realise
That you’ve lost your way,
You don’t have to kneel,
In order to pray.

Why hide amongst strangers
Who call themselves friends
Embracing the loneliness
Their masks of pretence

She still tried to run
But her legs were of lead
Couldn’t quite get away
From the sounds in her head

She insists on the night
In which she hides her despair
But she is alive despite all
The burdens she bears

But the storm brought an angel
Who quelled all her fears
Who spoke of a heaven
And dried all her tears

Her heart was released
The peace she regained
Her mind was laid open
Til no sorrow remained

Now with a smile of pure silk
She who only thought to die
Will now mock the bed
On which she chose to lie

She who would always
Half heartedly run
Will now laugh with the moon
And sit with the sun

Now we two alone
Whose love has been proved
Shall never again
From each other be moved

On the return
I gazed over the high mountains,
Snow tipped and glowing,
In all their rugged splendour,
And I remember the smile
On the glowing face,
The recognition
In the dazzled eye,
And the bridge,
As it swayed over the white water.
And I remember peace
In the honeycombed meadow,
The sweet scent of summer,
The bright distant sun.
Yet I was confused,
As the kingfisher dived cleanly
Into the shallow waters,
And the larch sang high
In the Sycamore tree.
As the waves crashed ashore,
The seaweed tossed,
Dolphins played,
I felt a restlessness,
Of one who has nothing,
Yet wants everything.
For always there is something missing,
A piece of the puzzle
That won’t quite fit.
And I remember the discontent,
As the wind whipped into a frenzy,
Changing the scenery,
As easily as if a landscape painter
Had whipped all the colours together,
Blurring the face,
Obscuring the memory,
Strange how suddenly things change.

To the changelings of fashion
And the monarchs of the state
Who think I should be thankful
That I should fit a dress size eight

That my hair should be this colour
And the golden tan I fake
Is not from expensive holidays
That I do not choose to take

To everyone who knows me
And everything I do
Would things have been done different
If the spotlight was on you

That I should act improper
And not adhere to rules
That I surround myself with idiots
Criminals and fools

To those who profess to know
How we should live our lives
And are horrified to find
A single woman strive

To keep her maiden name
Or to gain a PHD
That the boundaries of tradition
Could be modified by me

To one who has to live
Through the havoc I create
From the comprehensive teacher
To the sullen reprobate

I dare them now to bask
In my reflected glory
Not to analyse my life
Or to publish my life story

And if the present pass me by
Or the future bears no fruit
If those elusive seeds of knowledge
No longer will take root

In the mind over which one day
I’ll no longer have control
When the body which protects me
Will be without a soul

And if in years to come
My name on lips would be
It would be for one reason only
It would be ‘cos I was me.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009


Do you ever
Think about me now?
When someone takes your picture
Do you ever think
I might see it?

Does it make
Your eyes go misty,
And your smile falter
Or do you push it
To the back of your mind,

Do you hear my laugh
And wish you could
See my smile
One more time
To brighten your day?

Do you smell my perfume
And turn to find
Someone else wearing it…
Do you even remember
What perfume I wore?

Do you dream of me
A lot, a little, at all?
Does your heart jump
When the phone rings,
But it’s never me,

I look when no-one’s watching
And I wonder
If that twinkle in your eye
Is still for me

Or is there someone else
Looking at your picture now…

It’s often hard to put into words
Or say it to your face
When you came into my life
It became a better place.
The love I feel so deep inside
Reaches to my heart
But my words they seem so limited
So difficult to impart.
No-one seems to comprehend
These feelings true and grand
Knowing you are there for me
To protect and hold my hand.
Through all my fears and loneliness
Through all the joys and sorrows
To give me strength to carry on
And face all life’s tomorrows.
I love you more than I could ever say
Or ever hope to show
But to know you as I know you now
Somehow I know you know

The day, it seemed quite normal
How quickly it can turn
A day of unkept promises
Remembrance can burn

A sacrifice for freedom
Always asking why?
Long will your precious memory dance
Beneath a burning sky

Wind will carry voices
Will build and fan the flames
Forever onward, upward
The sound of unknown names

Many faces mingle
Combine and seem as one
The world has watched in horror
As the smoke blocked out your sun

A gauze your face shall cover
Conceal thy gentle soul
All now know your story
But leave your thoughts untold

No God shall block your way now
A spirit you shall flee
The end will greet us all sometime
But why you, now, why not me?

Friday, 27 March 2009


The first time I saw you
I felt a warm rush of air
Around my neck
Almost as if you had
Grabbed me
And licked me there

My mouth went rather dry
And words seemed to stumble
As I did
Along the path to discovering you
It wasn't love at first sight
Lust, rather

I would trip by your office
Listen to some music
You would make me laugh
With your satirical wit
I liked the way you looked
At me, knowingly

Several years passed
And you drifted
From my thoughts
Almost like a small ship
Sailing from my harbour
Storing our memories

Now the light from
Our adventures
Has somewhat dimmed
Although I still imagine
An illicit meeting
Exploration and revelation

I imagine that air
Around my neck
Softly caressing like silk
Feathered on my body
Hands lightly playing
Curvaceous melody

Pleasure seekers
Brought together
By wanton desire
Sharing the danger
Of a yearning that
Can never be fulfilled

Culminating in a climax
Of cloaks and daggers
It rains outside my window
But I am kept warm
By the soft glow
Of my treacherous heart

Thursday, 12 March 2009


When I lie in bed alone, forlorn
And it seems all hope escapes me
I look to my box of memories
And go where pleasure takes me

My aching heart would burst with joy
And beat at such a pace
To be filled with such delight
Just to see your face

You dance around inside my head
Your image clear and true
T’would seem like you were with me now
And all I’d have to do

Is reach o’er just to hold your hand
See your head rest on the pillow
But alas you are not really there
And I weep with the willow

For the times we have to be apart
But wish to be together
We two alone shall be as one
And will be parted never

For all the looks which pass between
And all the words ne’er spoken
This love we have shall conquer all
And never will be broken

Through the frozen
Biscay of your thoughts
I would attempt to tread

The basic rhythm
Thwarted by a dream
A sense of everlasting

Suddenly I sway
A realisation
Of night, of day, of us

A floating mantra
If you were here
Where would I be?

Too much drama
And the pressure builds
A common restriction –

Tight, random feeling
If I let you – would you run?
Or would you be thankful

That the only exit
Is the one you made

My turning out
As my muse

Thursday, 5 March 2009


You looked at me
With an intensity so clear
What passion burned in your soul
Was reflected through your eyes
When you sang to me last night

When I heard your melody
There was no more despair
Your voice came to me
Like air to a drowning being
Like the dark, I was lifted

A thousand words you spoke and it
Was as if I had been deaf
For a thousand heartbeats
But it needed no proving
A need within me awoke

Rock city glamour puss
Torn from the breast
Of your anarchic world
You came into my spotlight
Now let’s see you perform

You moved with a
Rhythmic quality
That betrayed your dancers past
I felt your life blood
Screaming through my veins

Now the boards you tread
Carpet my existence
I hear you through my window
I see you in my dreams
I breathe your fire

A fleeting moment
Seemed to last a lifetime
My trembling world
Was stilled in your presence
When you sang to me last night

Monday, 19 January 2009


Terrified, you hang your head,
You feel numb,
The clothes you once wore proudly
Hang in shreds,
And your skin bears a pallor
That longs for the sun.

Naked of emotion,
Barely able to breathe,
Clinging on to the compliments
People used to pay you,
You clamour to be heard,
To be seen,
To be loved.

Wandering alone,
Through a life with no meaning,
Feelings like ice
Saturate your soul,
Crunching underfoot
Memories of better days.

Come trip over my meadow,
Let me make you feel whole again,
I can life your eyes to the sky
And help you find your star,
I can see inside you,
I can make you feel loved.