Thursday, 12 March 2009


When I lie in bed alone, forlorn
And it seems all hope escapes me
I look to my box of memories
And go where pleasure takes me

My aching heart would burst with joy
And beat at such a pace
To be filled with such delight
Just to see your face

You dance around inside my head
Your image clear and true
T’would seem like you were with me now
And all I’d have to do

Is reach o’er just to hold your hand
See your head rest on the pillow
But alas you are not really there
And I weep with the willow

For the times we have to be apart
But wish to be together
We two alone shall be as one
And will be parted never

For all the looks which pass between
And all the words ne’er spoken
This love we have shall conquer all
And never will be broken

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