Tuesday, 14 April 2009


Do you ever
Think about me now?
When someone takes your picture
Do you ever think
I might see it?

Does it make
Your eyes go misty,
And your smile falter
Or do you push it
To the back of your mind,

Do you hear my laugh
And wish you could
See my smile
One more time
To brighten your day?

Do you smell my perfume
And turn to find
Someone else wearing it…
Do you even remember
What perfume I wore?

Do you dream of me
A lot, a little, at all?
Does your heart jump
When the phone rings,
But it’s never me,

I look when no-one’s watching
And I wonder
If that twinkle in your eye
Is still for me

Or is there someone else
Looking at your picture now…

It’s often hard to put into words
Or say it to your face
When you came into my life
It became a better place.
The love I feel so deep inside
Reaches to my heart
But my words they seem so limited
So difficult to impart.
No-one seems to comprehend
These feelings true and grand
Knowing you are there for me
To protect and hold my hand.
Through all my fears and loneliness
Through all the joys and sorrows
To give me strength to carry on
And face all life’s tomorrows.
I love you more than I could ever say
Or ever hope to show
But to know you as I know you now
Somehow I know you know

The day, it seemed quite normal
How quickly it can turn
A day of unkept promises
Remembrance can burn

A sacrifice for freedom
Always asking why?
Long will your precious memory dance
Beneath a burning sky

Wind will carry voices
Will build and fan the flames
Forever onward, upward
The sound of unknown names

Many faces mingle
Combine and seem as one
The world has watched in horror
As the smoke blocked out your sun

A gauze your face shall cover
Conceal thy gentle soul
All now know your story
But leave your thoughts untold

No God shall block your way now
A spirit you shall flee
The end will greet us all sometime
But why you, now, why not me?