Monday, 30 August 2010

Look up at me
With those soft loving eyes
And know that I can never
Love anyone as much
As I do you

I will wrap your heart up
In a velvet box
And tie it
With a satin ribbon
And keep it with me always

I will hold you to my breast
And keep you safe
And warm
And you will come to me
When the need is greatest
And I shall comfort you

I gave you life
I gave you breath
I helped you grow 
In strength and wisdom
I will guide you
On the path to find yourself
And you shall look at me
When others ask 
And simply say

She's my mum... 

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Please Don't Apologise

Have you ever
Had to say sorry,
Even though you didn’t mean it?

Standing still,
Toe pointed in the dirt,
Reciting the well rehearsed phrase
“I’m sorry”

“But what are you sorry for?”
“Dunno, just am”

I’m sorry for the day
I beat you up,
Stole your boyfriend,
Talked about you behind your back,

I’m sorry I never
Considered your feelings,
Protected your honour,
Spoke up against your enemies,

I’m sorry I lied,
Sorry I didn’t have the guts
To tell the truth
And face it myself,

I’m sorry I made you feel bad,
Sorry we couldn’t talk,
Sorry we left it so long,

I’m sorry I laughed at you,
Sorry I kicked you
When you were down,
When I should’ve been helping you up,

I’m sorry for deserting you,
Sorry I wasn’t there
When you needed me most,

I’m sorry for not
Keeping in touch,
Missing your birthday,
Hiding myself away,

I’m sorry I never loved you back,
You put me on a pedestal,
I would only let you down,

I’m sorry for letting you down,
For not listening,
Sorry for talking too much,

I’m sorry I wasn’t good enough,
Never met your high standards,
Never quite reached
Your impossible goals,

I’m sorry I embarrassed you,
Spoke out of turn,
Sorry I once had an opinion,

I’m sorry I tried to find myself,
That I looked to you
For inspiration,
For guidance, for love,

I’m sorry for trying to be you,
Because I couldn’t quite face
Being me,

I’m sorry I wasn’t perfect,
Sorry I was late,
Sorry I made a promise,
I didn’t keep,

I’m sorry I walked by you,
And couldn’t be bothered
To stop and talk,

I’m sorry you were born with that face,
Sorry I’m not a plastic surgeon,
Sorry, but that’s life,

I’m sorry your dog died,
Sorry your dinner got burnt,
Sorry it didn’t taste so good,

I’m sorry I ruined your life,
Sorry, sorry, sorry,
For your sorry life,

Have you ever said sorry
And really meant it?

Toe pointed and twisting
In the dirt

“I’m sorry...”

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

The joys of self obsession

The joys of self obsession
Mean you never have to do
Anything that others say
If they don't agree with you

The joys of self obsession
Mean you never have to care
About anyone's opinion
On make-up, clothes or hair

The joys of self obsession
Mean that you can fool the people
Into thinking that you're gorgeous
When you're really nothing special

The joys of self obsession
Mean you can act like a queen
When all around you falter
With envy oh so green

The joys of self obsession
Mean you never have to heed
A well meaning warning
About self indulgent greed

The joys of self obsession
Mean ignoring people's feelings
Constantly judging others
Whilst living without meaning

The joys of self obsession
Mean you never have to worry
About offending anyone
Or ever having to say sorry

The joys of self obsession
Mean that all that you demand
Is automatically placed
In your outstretched hand

The joys of self obsession
Mean not playing by the book
And anything you want
Can be achieved with just one look

The joys of self obsession
Mean a puppet on a string
To obey your every want and wish
And grant you anything

The joys of self obsession
Oh they range so far and wide
From the 'Bow before me Diva'
To the ornamental bride

The joys of self obsession
Are vacuous and vast
The only problem is that
They never seem to last!