Thursday, 11 December 2008


When I awake and you’re not beside me tomorrow
And my eyes well up and my heart fills with sorrow
When I can’t reach over and stroke your cheek
And I cannot grasp the comfort I seek
Your smile wont fill up my world with romance
And I’ll never again be blessed with the chance
To look in your eyes and tell you I love you
The hardest thing that I ever could do
Is say goodbye

This burning hollow I feel deep inside
This chronic pain I just cannot hide
I look for your face on the pillow near mine
But it isn’t there, and no matter the time
That passes me by I’ll never forget;
Never look back and feel any regret,
You always knew how I really felt
You knew what to say to make my heart melt

Who will hold me in the long cold nights
Who’ll reassure me I’m doing it right
Who will be there to hold my hand
Who will listen and understand
That the world is dark and I can’t see the sun
I’m running a race that can never be won
When all I want to do is hold you again
But I’m left on my own - no sun now, just rain

I feel like I’m drowning in a sea of despair
I can’t see my future without seeing you there
My mind suffers flashbacks of when we were together
Me by your side and leaving you never
But you have been taken and I am in Hell
Because when you went away I died as well
I’ll never be whole without you, I know
Please come back to me – why did you go

Days have passed now and I stand in black
And all I want is to have you back
I’d trade everything for just one more day
A smile, an embrace, a chance to say
I miss you more than I could ever confess
My heart is torn - my life is a mess
Every day of my life I was meant to be with you
And the hardest thing I’ll ever have to do
Is say goodbye
Goodbye to you

There's an unspoken word
Between you an I.
A danerous whisper,
That sits on the tip of my tongue.
A sentance never uttered,
Lest it's true meaning show.
A time and a place,
It's not here, nor now,
But bide your time, my sweet,
For it will come.
Sometimes you need
To be lost,
Before you can
Find yourself again.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008


That’s what you are

Destructive relationship
You pull me back
Again and again

Trouble in paradise
Leading a double life
Find that perfect whole

Feelings consume
Eat me up
Spit me out

What you are


I thought it would be easy
I thought I could be strong
I thought I could wave you off
And be back where I belonged

Now is not the right time
I thought that I could cope
Leave you to your own life
Free my heart of hope

I thought you’d go your own way
Clear me from your dreams
I thought that I could do the same
Tricky though it seemed

When I put this mask on
I thought it would always stay
I would never take it off
I would wear it everyday

A fight beneath the surface
I thought I could control
A turbulent existence
A lonely, vacant soul

I thought I could forget you
Wipe you from my mind
That we could just be friends
I thought time would be kind

I thought if I didn’t see you
I’d forget your face
But I see you all around me
From place to place to place

I thought I could ignore it
I was doomed from the start
I thought I didn’t love you
I should’ve listened to my heart

I thought it would be easy
I thought I could be strong
I thought you wouldn’t matter
Then I found that
I was wrong…