Friday, 27 March 2009


The first time I saw you
I felt a warm rush of air
Around my neck
Almost as if you had
Grabbed me
And licked me there

My mouth went rather dry
And words seemed to stumble
As I did
Along the path to discovering you
It wasn't love at first sight
Lust, rather

I would trip by your office
Listen to some music
You would make me laugh
With your satirical wit
I liked the way you looked
At me, knowingly

Several years passed
And you drifted
From my thoughts
Almost like a small ship
Sailing from my harbour
Storing our memories

Now the light from
Our adventures
Has somewhat dimmed
Although I still imagine
An illicit meeting
Exploration and revelation

I imagine that air
Around my neck
Softly caressing like silk
Feathered on my body
Hands lightly playing
Curvaceous melody

Pleasure seekers
Brought together
By wanton desire
Sharing the danger
Of a yearning that
Can never be fulfilled

Culminating in a climax
Of cloaks and daggers
It rains outside my window
But I am kept warm
By the soft glow
Of my treacherous heart

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