Thursday, 5 March 2009


You looked at me
With an intensity so clear
What passion burned in your soul
Was reflected through your eyes
When you sang to me last night

When I heard your melody
There was no more despair
Your voice came to me
Like air to a drowning being
Like the dark, I was lifted

A thousand words you spoke and it
Was as if I had been deaf
For a thousand heartbeats
But it needed no proving
A need within me awoke

Rock city glamour puss
Torn from the breast
Of your anarchic world
You came into my spotlight
Now let’s see you perform

You moved with a
Rhythmic quality
That betrayed your dancers past
I felt your life blood
Screaming through my veins

Now the boards you tread
Carpet my existence
I hear you through my window
I see you in my dreams
I breathe your fire

A fleeting moment
Seemed to last a lifetime
My trembling world
Was stilled in your presence
When you sang to me last night