Tuesday, 7 July 2009


Let me speak
These words to thee
To you my sleeper
So softly

The fleeting doves
To you do fly
And on their wings
A last goodbye

The love I whisper
Soft to thee
Oh let thee rest now

Sleep my dear
For sleep you chose
Resplendent in
You last repose

Let your soul set sail
For heaven’s gate
The time has come
No more the wait

Do not hide
Your face in fear
Behold the wind
Let dry your tears

Face the day
The night is done
Lay rest the pain
Thy heart has won

And soon the
Everlasting tide
Of sorrows that
You hide inside

Shall come to pass
And we will say
How soon the night
Turned into day

For we must feel
As we did before
The lilting voice
And you once more

Shall sing the song
You sung again
Embrace the sun
No more the rain