Tuesday, 7 July 2009


On the return
I gazed over the high mountains,
Snow tipped and glowing,
In all their rugged splendour,
And I remember the smile
On the glowing face,
The recognition
In the dazzled eye,
And the bridge,
As it swayed over the white water.
And I remember peace
In the honeycombed meadow,
The sweet scent of summer,
The bright distant sun.
Yet I was confused,
As the kingfisher dived cleanly
Into the shallow waters,
And the larch sang high
In the Sycamore tree.
As the waves crashed ashore,
The seaweed tossed,
Dolphins played,
I felt a restlessness,
Of one who has nothing,
Yet wants everything.
For always there is something missing,
A piece of the puzzle
That won’t quite fit.
And I remember the discontent,
As the wind whipped into a frenzy,
Changing the scenery,
As easily as if a landscape painter
Had whipped all the colours together,
Blurring the face,
Obscuring the memory,
Strange how suddenly things change.

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