Tuesday, 7 July 2009


If your halo should
Fall down and choke you,
Would fault be mine?
As I’d surely provoked you.

The blood of a martyr,
The sweat of a saint,
The words of your God,
Reassuring, but faint.

If your life as you know it
Was shattered,
Your perfect existence
Would hardly have mattered.

The glory in the making,
Reality turned sour,
The justice in the fight,
The hero of the hour.

When the veil from
Your eyes has been torn,
And your face no longer
Shows anger or scorn.

Time has passed,
And you’re on your own,
All who’ve loved you
Have been and gone.

If you wake in the
Night feeling scared,
And you can’t tell a soul,
Because no-body cares.

The power of doubt,
The weakness of the mind,
The unanswerable question,
That torments all mankind

Never a man,
Till he swallows his pride,
And faces his demons,
That are hiding inside.

And when you realise
That you’ve lost your way,
You don’t have to kneel,
In order to pray.

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