Tuesday, 7 July 2009


I wander on pastures
So lush and so green
My spirit is lifted
My torment unseen

The land stretches far
Melts into the distance
A veil of blue mist
Offers no resistance

As I near the calm ocean
No sound can I hear
My woman is with me
She guides me from fear

But the passion inside
Instilled by the sea
Is calling me softly
And won’t let me be

The sea and the ocean
The rivers, the streams
Won’t let me escape
From the witch of my dreams

When the night is upon me
To her I am drawn
But how quickly she fades
When the day starts to dawn

Now the darkness has passed
Yet I feel her once more
A storm starts to brew
As the waves crash ashore

She appears from the depths
My name she is calling
The waves start to beckon
I feel myself falling

Blinded by spray
Chocked by her treason
The witch who has tricked me
Won’t listen to reason

I call for my woman
But no-one can hear me
My voice carries silent
Yet reaches her clearly

My woman of trust
Holds me safe in her arms
Guides me from temptation
Away from her charms

Here I shall stay
Til the feeling has gone
No longer the ocean
No longer the song

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