Tuesday, 7 July 2009


Why hide amongst strangers
Who call themselves friends
Embracing the loneliness
Their masks of pretence

She still tried to run
But her legs were of lead
Couldn’t quite get away
From the sounds in her head

She insists on the night
In which she hides her despair
But she is alive despite all
The burdens she bears

But the storm brought an angel
Who quelled all her fears
Who spoke of a heaven
And dried all her tears

Her heart was released
The peace she regained
Her mind was laid open
Til no sorrow remained

Now with a smile of pure silk
She who only thought to die
Will now mock the bed
On which she chose to lie

She who would always
Half heartedly run
Will now laugh with the moon
And sit with the sun

Now we two alone
Whose love has been proved
Shall never again
From each other be moved

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